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Based in Switzerland, we live in a multicultural and multilingual environment. We believe opportunities can come from across the world, and we're helping you to develop your global presence.

Our clients come from different countries and continents. So, we’ve decided to develop solutions that could cover a wide range of locations.


Being responsible with our clients: we’re putting our clients first. We’re dedicated to protect your brand’s reputation and your interests in any of our actions. Having the responsibility of improving your user experience, or managing a social campaign, is a privilege to us. We take any step to do it at the best of your interests.

Responsible towards all our stakeholders: should it be our suppliers or our people, we take any step to establish and maintain a high-quality relationship with all of our stakeholders.

Environment responsability: we want to respect and care the environment we’re living in. That’s why we’ve decided to give a good part of our revenues to environmental causes each year. Also, 100% of our servers are green energy powered.

Our Vision

We believe in quality. Improving your user experience or your social media exposure has to go through strong quality checks and processes. Our quality vision helps us keeping a high standard of service to your brand.

To support this, we use cutting edge technology, including big data and artificial intelligence, bearing in mind that real people will eventually judge our work.

Our Mission

We help you developing your online presence, across channels. Our user-centric approach allows making things last on the long run, with optimal return on investments for our clients.

We strive in maintaining a high level of trust with our clients, involving continuous feedbacks and assessments. Each client being unique, we use your own KPIs as our main indicators. We adapt to each of our clients, and not the contrary.

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